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Welcome to  This site is a division of the main Calgary SEO company, Think Tank SEO.   have had to keep up with Google’s SEO changes. Are you aware of how Google has been changing its website rankings? Do you know what helps and hurts your page rankings?

Google is slowly moving away from giving priority to the oldest websites and plans to give more weight to the “truthier” sites. This change will utilize the Knowledge Vault identifying facts on your website and rating the truth of each. This will help newer sites with accurate information, over the domains that have existed for years. One way to capitalize on this is to list facts and citations on the website. While you cannot cite your Consumer Reports buying guide rating on your website, mentioning other consumer organization reviews and awards helps your ratings. Simply saying “We’re number one!” won’t.


You’ll get penalized for listing facts the AI doesn’t consider to be true.  I always advise my clients to avoid any misrepresentation.  For, a Maui Realtor the temptation is to represent that he is able to easily sell homes on all the surrounding islands, but his main focus should be the Big Island and focus on Maui real estate sales and not all islands.
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The dilemma this poses is that we don’t yet know what facts the Google Knowledge Vault considers true; look at the editing of the very real Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age out of Wikipedia, long considered a bastion of truth. Or consider the insults injected into Wikipedia articles on famous politicians and period editing wars to add bias of one type or another into the site. While the Knowledge Vault won’t be so easily manipulated, the question arises: how does it know what is true?

Google SEO Changes That We Thought Should Have Been Coming, But Didn’t:

If it relies on Wikipedia, we know that’s not an absolute. Will it rely on majority opinion? Until spring 2015, it was settled science that cholesterol was bad. Then came a study that said cholesterol wasn’t the boogey man we thought it was.

Another example is which is one of best optometrists in Calgary.  They have two Calgary optometry locations but can’t seem to get the second location to rank organically or in the maps as well as they would like.

One health organization said it is now removed as a health threat, while the American Heart Association refuses to change its position. Likewise, salt was seen as bad for you until a February 2015 study showed that low sodium diets were downright dangerous. Will Knowledge Vault keep up with the latest study the way your website probably will? And how will it determine the truth in the face of conflicting scientific studies? When it comes to political, ethical and historical facts, the truth is even murkier. At this point, we don’t know what facts Google will consider absolutes. You’ll get penalized for contrary information, but whether Google is right or you are right is a matter of opinion – though the 800 pound gorilla tends to win those fights.

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SEO drives traffic to a URL but if the site is terrible it reduces the value of that traffic.  Think Tank SEO specializes in SEO optimized Calgary web design that will enable the client to earn money.  We do know your site will be penalized for contradictory information. You will need to consult with Calgary SEO companies to determine what facts are on your site and where they contradict. Customer reviews and ad copy could contradict with information in your user’s guide, legal disclaimers or product information page. Work with a professional to ensure that your facts are not only straight but consistent to avoid getting flagged as web spam.

Google is moving away from page rank numbers. This data stopped being updated in the toolbar in late 2013. One benefit of this is that people who held the number one spot before won’t continue to receive biased ratings from that prior number one spot. The downside is that it is much harder to get a good estimate of your actual page ranking.

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Corefront renovations, which does some of the best home renovations in Calgary is site that could be rich with Calgary home renovation tips and that all needs to be of the highest quality.

Google’s Hummingbird updates added conversational search to the page rankings. This update rewards sites that ask questions the user is asking and provide the answers they need. For example, a search for broken hot water heater will not prioritize results that show how to diagnose a broken hot water heater or methods to fix them. Review tickets received by the helpdesk, create a list of common and uncommon user questions, and create content that answers these user questions. Google now rewards such content.

SEO isn’t easy. Moz talks SEO tech:

Google has been rewarding social networking links over link spam. It is worth more to have a link on Facebook or Linkedin than fifty back links on various user forums. While most guest blogging links penalize your site now, a Google+ link doesn’t hurt.

The source of the content matters today. Google has a measure called the Author rank. Verified authors rank higher than anonymous ones. Content by authors with a high author rank yield a higher page ranking. Discuss this with an SEO company to see how you can either get team members recognized by Google as sources of quality content or seek guest bloggers who have this rank.

If you need to improve your rankings don’t hesitate to give us a call at Think Tank SEO.  Visit the site for contact info!

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