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Welcome to the Canadian SEO which is based in Calgary AB and a part of Think Tank SEO..  Below is an article on some hard to escape SEO realities that should remain consistent for 2015 at the very least.

A Calgary search engine optimization firm can help you keep abreast of the search engine changes that can make the difference between a top five slot that guarantees you’ll be seen by consumers and second page listings that will kill your web traffic.

What tried and true SEO tactics remain true in 2015? How has SEO changed with the latest changes at Google and other search engines?

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The Constants that Aren’t Changing

Some facets of the Google search engine are unchanged. Don’t use terms too specific or too broad in your webpage. For example, always referring to your product as the XYZ brand widget model 123 could exclude your site from queries for XYZ widgets, model 123 or even the product category. A product specification page should describe a model ABC diesel engine as a diesel engine, a model ABC and ABC engine.

Content remains king. Keep content high quality, with a minimum of fluffy descriptive terms that add little value. Avoid anonymous content and give preference to content signed by authoritative authors, such as those with industry recognition or relevant credentials.  One of the best Calgary optometry businesses is Optiko Eyewear.  Optometry and the best optometrist in Calgary is important for you vision.

Balance SEO with your system admin’s sanity. Give each product or professional consultant their own web page to maximize the odds each one comes up in a related search query.

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Keep things clean. Lots of dead links, tons of spammy links remaining out on the internet connecting to your home page, unrelated meta tags – they all need to go.

The Changes You Need to Know About

Google used to dominate the web search market, controlling 80% to 90% of web traffic. That number has dropped to the low 60s. This is in part due to Bing improving in quality and in part due to Google’s cozy relationship with the NSA and the federal government as a whole. Privacy respecting search engines like DuckDuckGo and IxQuick are a small corner of the search engine market but are growing. Consider checking the SEO of your website on web engines other than Google. While they see a smaller percentage of web traffic, the few who cater to that customer base will get the business they will bring.

Digital Marketing Trends For 2015

Mobile-ready websites are those that are suitable for viewers on mobile devices. Having a mobile-ready website is essential to making a good impression when someone views your website on a smartphone or tablet. However, mobile sites with the format tend to be penalized in web searches, and that’s assuming they do not generate a security warning simply for any redirect from the mobile site to your main web site. Redesign your entire website to be mobile-friendly and drop the mobile specific site.
Changes on the Horizon

Google’s Knowledge Vault purports to have almost three billion facts in its database. Google wants to compare the facts on your website with the facts in its database. It refers to sites like Wikipedia for “the truth”. If you want to avoid problems with this site, make sure sites like Wikipedia include your company and don’t contain incorrect negative information about the company, its products and its public persona.  If you are looking for a Calgary digital marketing company check us out!
Another facet of the measure of truthfulness of the website is the consistency of facts on the website. If you say you’re number one on one page and list yourself as fifth in another survey, your site gets downgraded. Describing your product as absolutely safe on the home page and having ten potential hazards or a dozen dangerous side effects could get you dinged for “truthfulness”. Let a Calgary search engine optimization firm review the content on your web page, so that they can harmonize the key words and terms used on the site while eliminating contrary facts that will hurt you in future search engine updates.